A Case Study of Applied Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Slope Failure

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Muhammad Najib Mohd Zailani
Ang Kean Hua


Geographic Information Systems are increasingly popular and fast growing nowadays. GIS is a database system that controls the ability of spatial data as a set of reference data handling operations. Several approaches used to describe the Geographic Information System (GIS) are includes: Toolbox, Information System, and Science Approach. The GIS components can be data, technology, software, tools, and organization. Meanwhile, model-model in database are attribute data model (table model, hierarchy data model, network model, and relation data model), spatial data model (vector data model, raster data model) cartography model, terrain mapping model (DEM model, TIN model) and spageti model data. In conclusion, literature studies on GIS benefits in describe the various forms and methods in this study, whereby researchers have a clearer understanding of the ongoing study and research purposes.

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Muhammad Najib Mohd Zailani, & Ang Kean Hua. (2019). A Case Study of Applied Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Slope Failure. International Journal of Business and Social Development (IJBSD), 1(1), 25 - 42. Retrieved from http://ijbsd.com/index.php/ijbsd/article/view/4